Ulu Kalihi

Promoting environmental stewardship among children and educators in the Kalihi community

Ulu Kalihi (meaning “Kalihi growing and flourishing” in Hawaiian) promotes environmental stewardship among students in grades 3-5, teachers and community organizations by building educators’ capacity to teach about the environment through place-based and experiential learning in the Kalihi Valley watershed.

A model of professional development in environmental education, Ulu Kalihi empowers educators both in schools and the community to teach about their environment with the support of:

  • Local curriculum materials, such as E Hoʻomau!;
  • Partner organizations, like Kōkua Kalihi Valley, Bishop Museum, and the Hawaiʻi Department of Education;
  • Ongoing job-embedded STEM professional learning.

Together, these tools form Ulu Kalihi, a sustainable approach to strengthening environmental stewardship with culturally sensitive strategies.

The Kalihi Valley and its community need your support.

Kalihi is a major urban watershed in Honolulu, and the Kalihi Stream is on Hawai‘i’s 303(d) list of impaired waters. While Kalihi is a vibrant and multicultural community, poverty is an issue. Per capita income in the state’s lowest 25% and about 70% of students receive free or reduced lunch. However, this community possesses many internal resources and Ulu Kalihi helps harness those assets to enhance the Valley’s environmental sustainability.

PREL is proud to partner with Ho`oulu `Aina at Kokua Kalihi Valley and the Bishop Museum to deliver Ulu Kalihi.

Ulu Kalihi is supported by G.N. Wilcox Trust, Mclnerny Foundation and First Hawaiian Bank.
Please support Ulu Kalihi in 2016 with your donation directly to this Oahu project.

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