Our Team


Specialist, Programs
Director, Pacific islands Climate Education Program
Director, Planning, Policy & Environmental Education
Director, Pacific Storytellers Cooperative
Specialist, Business Development
Web Producer & Administrator
Director, Finance & Operations
Specialist, Finance and Human Resources
Director, Pacific Center for Arts and Humanities in Education (PCAHE)
Specialist, Finance
Director, Region 19 Comprehensive Center
Director, Research, Policy & Government Relations
President and Chief Executive Officer
Senior Specialist, Evaluation

Chuuk Office

Administrative Assistant
Affiliate Specialist, Migration Education & Equity
Affiliate Specialist, Community Resilience
Affiliate Specialist, Multimedia
Senior Consultant, Education Policy

Kosrae Office

Specialist, Programs
Administrative Assistant

Pohnpei Office

Director, Region 18 Comprehensive Center
Senior Specialist, Languages and Literacies
Specialist, Community Resilience
Specialist, Programs
Affiliate Specialist, Environmental Education & Outreach

RMI Office

Specialist, Family and Community Engagement
Adminstrative Assistant
Specialist, Ecoliteracy

Yap Office

Specialist, Disaster Risk Reduction

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